1. Friends—The Way

I’ve been really enchanted by the work of Dev Hynes/Blood Orange ever since the Solange/Sky Ferreira one-two punch crashed into dimly lit bars all over the Western Hemisphere. This track has the same candlelit, turn-of-the-90s sexuality as his previous offerings, but with an aching guitar riff that conjures a Swayze-film-like sensibility. If slowdancing could be brought back, “The Way” would be the song we’d all want to sway to.

2. Pink Floyd – On the Turning Away

Just read a legitimately charming news piece about Seattle police handing out bags of Doritos to stoners at Washington’s Hempfest in order to familiarize them with the specs of I-502, the state’s marijuana legalization initiative. One of the Do’s and Don’ts from the nacho-cheese-powdered rulebook: “Do listen to Dark Side of the Moon at a reasonable volume.” Pink Floyd is often pegged as a “suburban dad” band, alongside The Eagles or something, but their catalog is really incredible, especially when you hear the diversity among tracks like Meddle‘s “Fearless,” Dark Side of the Moon‘s “Any Colour You Like,” and this song.

3. The Spinanes—Noel, Jonah, and Me

The Spinanes fell right between The Breeders and My Bloody Valentine in the 1994 sweet-girl grunge library; dreamy, suburban, and worn in like a flannel. Should have been on the soundtrack to The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

4. Lee Michaels—Do You Know What I Mean

When I was a teenager—and actually, to this day—I had this vision of adult freedom that involved cooking eggs in an oversized men’s button-up shirt, cigarette dangling from my lips, blasting some quality rock ‘n’ roll out of a boom box on the kitchen counter of my sunlight-drenched apartment. This song would be ideal for that purpose.

5. Guided By Voices—The Best of Jill Hives

What can really be said? All hail GBV. Every time I think I’ve found my favorite song of theirs, I run across another one I like even more. (Previous faves include “My Valuable Hunting Knife,” “Game of Pricks,” and “Everywhere with Helicopter.”) Jill Hives, whoever you are, you’re lucky to have this one named after you.